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At Martinez Insurance we offer a variety of insurance products through top companies like Progressive, Safeway, Unitrin and others so that we can get you the best rates possible. We also have a staff of professional, knowledgeable and curteous insurance agents. Our goal is to provide the highest quality coverage for an affordable price.



Health Insurance Plans for you and your Family, your Business or if you are 65 and over and are eligible for Medicare and Medicaid.
Martinez Insurance Agency New federal regulations passed through the Affordable Care Act require that all US citizens have health insurance. With new standards in place that do not allow insurers to deny coverage or raise premiums for pre-existing conditions or because of gender, the health care market is in the process of adapting to better support the consumer.

Even with federal regulations in place, there are still numerous factors in choosing health insurance. Are you covering an individual or a whole family? Will you have dental coverage in your plan? Can you set up a tax-exempt health savings account? What will be the cost of monthly premiums? What about the annual deductible?
Personal help from a licensed Insurance Agents can guide you through these decisions while ensuring you have a plan that meets the new minimum standards.


Life Insurance is a smart plan to take care of those you love should something happen to you and cause your death.
Particularly if you are the primary income earner for your household, you should consider life coverage to make sure the needs of your family continue being met even in your absence.

Life Insurance is one of the most overlooked and under appreciated policies purchases. Lets face it, some people just do not like to talk about death.

But consider this. What would happen to your family in the event of your untimely death? Would they have to sell their home or loose it to foreclosure because they could not make the mortgage payments?
How about final expenses, income continuation to pay for basic necessities such as groceries, car payments and insurance? The death of a loved one is very difficult to accept. But it does not have to be a financial hardship as well.

Protect your loved ones with a policy that would allow them to move on with dignity free from financial ruin. Let the Martinez Insurance Agency help with the right type of policy and death benefit amount. Life Insurance San Antonio